Control Dandelions in the Fall

Common chickweed, henbit, and purple deadnettle are cool-season weeds we usually see in crop fields during the fall and winter.

However, other weeds, such as dandelions, have become more prevalent in recent years. Dandelions are generally considered a major lawn or pasture weed but are increasingly found in grain crop fields.
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Growing Asters

If you are craving some color in your fall garden this year, try swapping out those mums for some beautiful Asters! These brilliant little flowers can brighten up your flower beds when little else is blooming. Aster, the Latin word for “star” is the perfect description for this Kentucky native, that blooms starting in late summer and can continue until heavy frost. In the past, asters have not been heavily used due to a weedy appearance, but with new cultivars now available, all gardeners will be happy with the smaller, mounding growth habits of these new varieties. Continue reading