Adding Color to Winter

In many years, horticulture’s glorious October-color fades away in November and December. Splashes of color from chrysanthemums and asters, along with once-blazing hues of deciduous leaves slip away into the monochromatic days of November and December. Jack Frost has wiped out most annual-bedding plants that cheered summer and fall gardens. Now that the warm season is a memory and cold weather knocks at the door, what can gardeners do for color?

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Winter Plants of Interest

Winter is knocking on the door across Kentucky. For many gardeners this is a welcome time to sit back and relax. As the brilliant colors of summer gardens and fall foliage fade don’t despair; all is not lost in the winter landscape. With proper planning and planting you can enjoy points of color, texture and contrast in your winter garden. Think of vertical plantings with interesting bark and branch structures as opposed to ground covers. It would be a shame to bury the landscape should we ever get another 23 inch snow fall. If you enjoy watching the birds, don’t forget plants that provide a food source during the winter. Here are several plants to consider as you plan your winter landscape. Continue reading

Plants for Tough Sites: Dry Shade

I grew up with a yard that had a slope facing east, shaded by a mature tree with miniscule amounts of good fertile soil to grow any type of plant. I have also inherited this site in my new garden.  This area is too steep to mow easily and the grass is so thin it’s mostly weeds.  I’m a gardener so I’m not opposed to removing the lawn in favor of perennials and shrubs. Continue reading