In Kentucky gardens pansies are grown as cool season annuals. Many pansies are planted in landscapes and flower beds in the fall, they overwinter and are the first signs of color you will see in the landscape in the spring. Once the days start to warm up and we move into summer, the plants will start to deteriorate and will be removed from the landscape. Continue reading

Spring Weed Control In Your Lawn

Thick, lush lawns are beautiful, but weed pressures are sure to emerge this spring. Spring and summer annuals as well as perennial weeds can not only distort a picturesque lawn, but also thin your lawn and rob nutrients from our preferred fescue. Proper weed identification and good planning will keep the majority of your weeds at bay this year. Continue reading

Spring Garden Tilling

With warmer weather often comes ‘Spring Fever’. Home gardeners hit hard with this condition might often be tempted to rush to do their spring tilling when the ground is wet. Don’t make this mistake as you can potentially damage the structure of your garden soil for years to come. Continue reading