Preserving Flowers

The gardening season is all but over for most of the landscape plants and flowers. Many avid gardeners who hate to see the growing season go may look for ways to keep it going by taking some of their favorite flowers indoors to keep through the winter until those warm, gardening days come around again. However, many will seek to keep their flowers around during winter months by picking those last vibrant blooms and preserving them by drying. Continue reading

Household Fall Invaders

Beetles, bugs, and flies are some of the creatures actively seeking protected overwintering sites as days get shorter and cooler. Many produce stains or unpleasant odors if crushed. Scavengers, such as carpet beetles, can be attracted to accumulations of
insects that die in attics and wall voids. Lastly, overreaction to pests may lead to excessive insecticide use indoors that can have serious consequences. Continue reading

Order Your Kentucky Tree Seedlings Now

There is a saying that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago and the second best time is as soon as possible. If you have been thinking about a tree planting project, consider using seedlings from one of Kentucky’s state-run tree seedling nurseries. The Kentucky Division of Forestry ( in addition to providing foresters to help woodland owners manage their wooded property, fighting wildfires, and inspecting timber harvest operations also maintains two tree seedling nurseries in Kentucky: one in the east (Morgan County) and one in the west (Marshall County). Continue reading

Cover Crops for Kentucky Gardens

It has been a hard year in the garden. The heat and drought left our plants looking pitiful for most of the summer. If you feel like the time has come to put the garden to bed for the season, why not plant a cover crop? Cover crops can add organic matter to the soil, reduce soil erosion, weed suppression, and help to maintain the integrity of the soil. Continue reading