Time to Control Fruit Diseases

Winter is a good time to prepare fruiting crops for the season ahead. Many fruit diseases can be partially controlled by being vigilant with cleanup and fungicidal sprays at proper times. Remember that pruning should take place in late February on fruiting trees. Below is a list of fruit crops along with diseases of concern and some things to do to help you have a successful harvest. Continue reading

Winter Equipment Maintenance

Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean your lawn and landscape work is complete. There are many chores that can, and should be done during the winter months. Cold weather is the time to service your tools and power equipment, build a new compost bin, calibrate your sprayer, or even identify some winter annuals for proper control methods later.
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The Season for Snow & Ice

Like it or not, winter brings the damaging effects of snow and ice to trees and shrubs. Wet snows are bad, but freezing rain is often worse. Ice storms typically start as warm rain falls through rapidly cooling air at ground-level. This results in rain quickly turning to ice on all exposed surfaces. Freezing rain is especially serious on evergreens and deciduous species that have not shed all their foliage.

Ice is heavy. A half inch on a power line can weigh 500 pounds. For trees this can amount to a weight increase of 30 times. Corrective pruning and replacement are the only solutions once breakage has occurred. But, are there options to prevent breakage?

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